Rekindling our connection


Tree Humans is Love

A reminder of the connection.
Between you and trees.
Between trees and you.


"When you hug a tree you are hugging yourself" - Ram Dass

Treehumans aims to remind people that we are everything. We are every part of the earth and each other. That reminder isn't always something we can think about. It's something the body just knows. We aim to remind in whatever way works, from a place of love. Through word of mouth, words on screens, images, videos, documentaries and whatever else feels true.

Image by Raymond Culbertson


Co-creating a reminder in the form of a documentary.

A reminder to ourselves that we are one and the same with nature and it is our true role to be stewards of the land. Treehumans with your help is becoming a #documentree. 

We’d like to allow this project to grow collaboratively just like a forest would. With all the biodiversity coming through to help create a growing and incredible ecosystem. We want people involved in the process at every stage and step.

Image by Etienne Delorieux

How can you help?



Helping trees starts with being kind to ourselves. If you feel compelled, try this exercise and you'll straight away be helping in ways nobody could ever imagine.

Thank yourself for being here today.
Say thank you to all the trees out there just for being there.
Say thank you to all the life living today right now amongst those forests.
Thank and send love to all other humans on the planet. There is no us and them. 
Spend time in nature when you next can.


How can you help stage 1 of the #documentree?

Our objective is to discover and record stories that connect us. We’d like to do that with minimal impact and costs for this. We'll need your help and love. 

  • Put us up and feed us along our travels (this is where we currently are)

  • Use your voice to help us get the message about this project out there

  • Become a patreon and support our costs https://www.patreon.com/treehumans

  • Lend us some filming kit (this is what we could do with)

  • Pledge to help us creatively joe@treehumans.com

  • Book a trip for you or your company through coworksurf (avoid flying or do #slowtravel if you can) 

  • Help us design t-shirts we can sell (through our sustainable tee supplier and then wear it to support, only if you need one of course *reduce, reuse, recycle) https://treehumans.teemill.com 

  • Volunteer your time to help us manage this project 

  • Help us locally and in advance with tips by sharing the stories, people, trees and forests we should be documenting

Image by Etienne Delorieux

Who do we need to help with this project?



This documentree only works with stories like yours. Personal stories & truths honest reflections reflecting all emotional states. Share your connections with trees.



Help us with your vision and words. We need directors, producers, writers, poets and those who can arrange words in a powerful way. Help us create compelling frameworks for stories. Guide us and support us with your knowledge and experience.


Visual artists

Artists. Help us create the visual identity and feel for treehumans. Create visual imagery, pieces and stories we can share. Photographers, videographers and film makers send us your gorgeous shots of incredible humans who are connected to trees and the forests too. Help us to film this and help us to film these stories as they emerge. Allow us to use your footage of the forest



Music will be a central part of this project. Help us to get artists and musicians onboard or contribute your own music that can be used. Find artists who would be happy to share segments with their music to their own channels.


Seed spreaders

Be like the wind, bees and birds. Journalists, social media people help us to seed this across as many places as it naturally wants to grow through any media including social. Helpers who want to volunteer time to assist with arranging and planning and organizing let us know.


Protectors & Funders

Make even more of this possible. Help to fund this project or help directly by funding to protect a piece of land. https://www.patreon.com/treehumans


Get in touch. 




Here are some Documentrees and incredible treehumans from across the world that inspire and guide us

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